IMPORTANT – Due to recent changes from Google and Yahoo all email marketing platforms must now allow users to use dedicated sending domains or emails will go to spam folders.

There is a lot here to take in but it’s important to go through it all to ensure your continued success with Velocity CRM.

Up until this point, Velocity CRM users utilized our in house domain when sending emails (even if it showed coming from you@yourdomain.com).

Email marketing is a great way to reach customers and increase sales. But if these changes aren’t made by the end of February 2024 your emails sent through Velocity CRM will go to spam folders for Google and Yahoo users (which is a large majority of email users).

We’ve built a process in the system for you to setup your own dedicated sending domain and have tried to make it as simple as possible.  This guide will walk you through it.

Our team will be in contact over the next several weeks to ensure you’ve been able to successfully complete the transition.

How to set up a dedicated sending domain In Velocity CRM

A dedicated sending domain allows you to send emails that appear to be coming from your brand, and this can help you maintain a better reputation with email services. Any company can create a dedicated sending domain, and it’s quick and easy.

By default, all emails sent from our platform will show the name of our email-sending servers in the “sent on behalf of” or “sent via” email headers:

When you set up your own custom mail server domain, you will see a different “mailed-by“, “sent on behalf“, or “sent via” field.

How Do I Choose What Domain To Send From?

This question comes down to what kind of emails you plan to send from the system.  While there are a few different ways to set this up, we’ve noted below the 2 most popular (and recommended ways).  Please note there are some pros and cons to both so pay attention to your use case and there area a few things you need to know before choosing.

First, is that your domain (in fact every domain) has a sender reputation.  This reputation plays a large role in determining if your email goes to spam or not.

Second, is that domain reputation takes time to 


Use your root domain (yourdomain.com).  For example, with 3 degrees consulting, our root domain is “go3dc.com”.

Pros –

  1. Your root domain likely already has a high reputation score because you likely use it to send one-off emails vs mass email marketing.
  2. Your root domain likely won’t require any warm up time.

Cons – 

  1. If you plan to do mass email marketing from your root domain, you run the risk of decreasing your root domain reputation.  This could get your one-off emails sent to the spam folder in addition to your marketing emails.


When should you choose this method?

  1. I would choose this method if you’re planning only to send emails from Velocity CRM for notifications, purchases, appointments, or other transaction / status based emails.  If you intend to send marketing emails I would choose Method 2.


METHOD 2 (Most Recommended)

Use a sub-domain of your rootdomain.  For example, “mail.go3dc.com”.  This incorporates the root domain “go3dc.com” but appends “mail.” to the front side.  For the purposes of email marketing, a sub-domain is considered it’s on unique entity, with its own unique sender reputation.

Pros – 

  1. If you’re doing marketing you insulate your root domain from any negative consequences of sending marketing emails.  Your one-off emails shouldn’t be impacted by your marketing emails.

Cons – 

  1. Your domain will likely need to be “warmed up” prior to sending any large-scale email marketing campaigns.  Warming the domain up means sending a bunch of emails from that domain to show mail providers like Google and Yahoo that this domain is sending email.  
  2. Warming up a domain can take 1-2 months and is best done using a 3rd party tool to automate the process for you.  We recommend Warmup Inbox (https://www.warmupinbox.com/ ~$15/month).


When Should I Choose This Method?

  1. I would choose this method if you plan to send marketing emails of any capacity through Velocity CRM.  This ensures that your root domain is protected.

How to create a dedicated sending domain?

You can create multiple sending domains under your account and make one active.

  1. Navigate to Settings – >  Email settings – >  Email Services
  2. Click the ‘Dedicated domain‘ button

Add your domain details

Here are instructions on how to setup DNS records for common providers:

The propagation process can take up to 24 hours. If it has been longer than 24 hours please double-check your DNS settings by following the process above

Verify Domain

Apply your new DNS records to your company’s DNS provider’s platform to activate the sending domain. Every domain host will have a slightly different method of doing this.



How to choose a sending domain name for my account?

It would be best if you used a unique subdomain that is not used for any other purpose. A subdomain is a secondary part of your root domain. For example, if your dedicated sending domain is hello@mg.yourbrand.com, your subdomain would be the “mg” portion.


I’ve added a domain by not verified at the time/some of the records are not verified, How to verify?

  1. Navigate to Settings – >  Email settings – >  Domain services
  2. All the unverified domains will be in an inactive state
  1. Click on the three-dot and verify button
  1. You will be able to see the same records and unverified records. once you have added all the records click Verify button again


How to delete a domain?

Navigate to Settings -> Email settings -> Domain services

Click on the three-dot and click the delete button.

How to set a dedicated domain as active/default?

Check the checkbox to make as active/default

What If I Get Stuck Or Can't Figure It Out?

Don’t stress!  We’re here to support you!  If you’re stuck at one of these steps, something isn’t working, or you can’t figure it out then here’s what to do:

Step 1 – 

Email us!  Send an email to support@go3dc.com letting us know you’re stuck on setting up a sending domain.

Step 2 – 

If you have GoDaddy please delegate us access to your domain.  This will allow us to make changes on your behalf while you still maintain ownership of the domain.  The email to use is:


This link will help you set that up:



If you have Google Domains you can add us as users onto your domain (in most cases).  The email to use for this is:


This link will help you set that up:



If you have Name Cheap you can share access to us for the domain.  The email to use for that is:


This link will help you set that up:



If you bought your domain from another provider include that detail in the email to the support team and we’ll figure out the next best step for you.

-3DC Support team